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Disrupt the climate impact of traditional modes of cultivation by providing growers with right-sized, data-driven cultivation platforms that are purpose-built for cannabis and precision horticulture.


About US

Agdaptive is the pioneer of sustainable, controlled-environment cultivation platforms. Our proprietary, patent-pending, modular solutions are the culmination of unprecedented design, functionality, and best-in-class hardware & IoT componentry, that operate in unison to facilitate the production of craft-quality product on commercial scales.

Our IoT-based solutions provide new and existing commercial cultivators a near-immediate opportunity to generate revenue and scale operations systematically, while using less resources and space.



We’ve proudly partnered with some of the best in the business to foster innovation, spearhead research, generate awareness, and support the growth of the industry well into the future.


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Just like the industry, we’re growing! Seeking bright minds to create a bright future. Contact us today if you’re passionate about our mission.

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How long does it take to install a unit and begin growing?
Our turnkey cultivation modules arrive ready to grow and can be operational the same day they are delivered. Lead time from order to delivery is typically six weeks depending on the delivery location and degree of customization.
What comes with each growing unit?
Standard Unit Features:
  • Fully Insulated Controlled Environment Platform
  • Industrial loT Controller
  • Cloud Accessible Controls & Monitoring Dashboard
  • Precision HVAC & Dehumidification with VPD
  • Temp, Humidity, and CO2 sensors
  • Plant support Platforms- Tables and Racks
  • Dimmable LED Lighting
  • Variable AirFlow systems
  • HEPA Filtration
  • CO2 Dosing
  • Irrigation Ready
How does your growing unit compare to other traditional methods of cultivation?
We have designed our units with the highest aspects of sustainability and efficiency in mind. In addition to our 75% canopy ratio topping the 50% industry average, we reclaim and recycle all water and air without the use of propane or natural gas, while using over 50% less energy than a traditional cultivation space. Furthermore, our systems ensure containment across plant stages, mitigating any pest infestation or cross contamination risks. Operationally, our units are more effective initially, and in the long term.
How quickly can I expect to pay off a unit?
While the payback period is largely dependent on the experience of the cultivator, we have confidently designed our modules to pay themselves off in between 8 and 12 months.
How do you use less resources than other methods?
Through hardened conceptual design, engineering, and integration we are focused on using only the necessary resources to produce craft quality product at commercial scales, with nothing else. Our approach reduces waste at every turn, preserves valuable energy, and effectively recycles renewable sources such as air and water.
Do I have to buy 10, 20, or 30 units immediately to maximize the capacity of my large scale operation?
No. While many of our clients do purchase 10 or more units initially, we have designed our modules to scale easily and cost effectively to ensure our growers are able to more precisely meet demand with supply. Moreover, individual units can be turned on or off with the flip of a switch to reduce oversupply and limit unnecessary energy costs of idling systems. Very easily, our clients can begin with 5 units, scaling week over week over month over month as they their calculate expansion needs and timeline.
How much energy do your systems actually use?
Energy use differs between the three different modules that we offer: bloom, veg, and clone.
Do I need the capital to purchase a unit out right or is financing available?
No, we can help. Our private financial partnerships enable us to offer fair and scalable borrowing to ensure you are successful from the beginning, and well into the future.
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